What magazine do I need for my Savage long action?

Here is a list of the long action metal magazines you will use for a Savage long action depending on the chassis you purchase.

LSS - 3.715"

TAC 21 - 3.715"

LSS-XL - 3.715"

ESS - 3.715" (or or 3.850" when selecting Savage LA CIP 3.850") 

ACC - 3.850" 

HS3 - 3.715" 

HNT26 - 3.850"

Oryx Rifle Chassis - 3.715"


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  • What magazine do I need for a savage 110 in 30-06 for the xrs chassis?

  • As long as you have a new model 110 in 30-06, you will need our 3.850" 300 WM magazines and bend the feed lips in slightly for proper function. 

  • What model year do you mean by new models?

  • New model 110's purchased off the shelf after 2018. 

  • If my rifle was purchased before 2018, will it fit in the chassis and if so what magazine do I need?

  • If that is the case, you will need our 3.850" 300 WM magazine, and you will need to bend the feed lips in slightly for 30-06. 

  • I just bought your LSS Gen 2 XL for my Savage 110 Tactical chambered in 300 WM. It is the older staggered feed style. I understand this needs modification, but not sure the recommendation. What mod and what magazine do I need to get?

  • There will be a small part of the receiver sticking into the mag well that will need to be shaved down to be able to insert that magazine. You will also need the 300WM 3.715" length. 


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