A Bergara B14 is a Remington 700 based action and will fit most of our chassis systems for a Remington 700 long or short action depending on what caliber you have. 

The only MDT chassis that does not support Bergara actions is our TAC21 Chassis. This is due to the location of the bolt release. 

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  • Hello, i have a Bergara HMR b14 6.5 creedmoor and a MDT chassis LSS , i wanted to put the barrel on the Chassis but notice the recoil lug is further up than what the chassis has cut out. Would i need to make some modifications to my barreled action before i drop it into the chassis ? or this a reason why and i shouldn't try to take away what should be there.. thoughts ? 

  • Would you be able to reach out to us directly with what you are seeing? We've never had an issue with any Bergara rifles.

  • I have a Bergara Premier Highlander in 308. It is built on the Rem 700 platform but it has a hinged floor plate so can i still use your chassis with it?

  • Yes, your rifle will fit any of our Remington 700 chassis systems (except for the TAC21) without issue. 

  • Hello I have a Bergara premier approach 300 win mag which chassis would work best for it.

    Thank you

  • Your rifle will fit anyone of our Remington 700 LA chassis except the TAC21. We have some great options for long-range shooting, competition, or hunting. Feel free to email us directly to help with any further questions. 

  • Hi. I have a Bergara B-14R in .22 caliber and I like to order a ORYX Rifle Chassis. I'm trying to make sure it's Remington 700 SA chassis is what I need. Can you confirm. Thank you.

  • Yes, your rifle will fit a Remington 700 SA Oryx without issue. 


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