Folding stock for the TAC21?

Our folding stock adapter does not function properly on the TAC21 Gen2 chassis. 

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  • Hi I'm having trouble installing the folding adapter on the HS3.  I've looked at the youtube install and manual but it doesn't seem to be able align in the last step of the install.  I've also have issue with the adapter clashing with my Tikka bolt as the adapter protrude higher than the chasis.  If you could advise what I can do it would be great.  I'm thinking I might have to fill down the protrusion.

  • The folding adapter was not made for the HS3. But there are people that make it work. You would indeed have to shave a layer off the top of the adapter. And it would need to be hand aligned while tightening.

  • Thanks for confirming this. The statement above this is mis-leading.

  • It was not meant that way. We will change it to be more clear.

  • Hello

    Could you please tell me, will your MDT SKELETON RIFLE STOCK V3 work with folding adapter and LSS Short action?

    Thank you.

    P.S. As a final version, I would like to have LSS Chassis with collapsible stock. What would you suggest?

  • Yes, the Skeleton Rifle Stock will work on the LSS with a folding adapter.


    The LSS was designed for collapsible stocks. This is the best setup for the LSS.

  • Is there any videos floating around to see how this mod can be done? And is it fairly simple to do?

  • Hi Jagh85, I've received an extension adapter from MDT for a bolt issue but found out that it works with the folding adapter.  I didn't have to modify the folding adapter to work with the HS3.  The only issue is that the butt stock is extended further back which is right on the limit of my arm reach to the trigger.

  • So I ordered one and I couldn't get it to line up properly. I tried it multiple time the way the instructions describe and it would line up. The only way it would line up was if the first piece was threaded in and then the folding part was put on and the screw was just cranked right down. The notches where lined up though and i could not get it firmed up any way i tried. :(

    (FYI im using an HS3 and the folding fixed lss adapter)

  • Does not sound right. But please contact us so that we can help you.

  • I was told by cleavers that the chassis mdt ls3 on my howa 

    Is prohibited in nsw can you confirm this. They even have 

    The chassis for sale with a warning that its banned in several states including nsw where im moving to soon.

    Yet i asked mdt if its banned and they said no so now im confused.


  • Hi Loftusterry62, I believe any folding stock is prohibited in NSW. The rules here is different to Canada.

  • We cannot confirm this, it really is something you need to check with your local authorities. 

  • bonjour, vous pouvez installer un adaptateur de stock pliable avec l'adaptateur pour la maison Law Tactical Sur un cadre TAC21 


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