Folding stock adapter installation manual


V1.0 June 2018



Thank you for choosing the MDT Folding Stock Adapter. The MDT line of Folding Stock Adapter is designed to give more adaptability for storage, transport and buttstock choice and are compatible with most bolt-action chassis rifles that have an AR-style interface.

Available in 1-way or a 2-way locking configuration:

- fixed to fixed
- carbine to carbine
- fixed to carbine
- carbine to fixed

The 1-way lock maintains solid, straight-line integrity when shooting while the 2-way lock provides the additional function of holding the stock securely in the folded position.

This is adapter has a solid interface and will not allow a bolt to pass through - please check your rifle configuration for compatibility. The Folding Adapter is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with a Mil-spec Type III hard anodized. 




  • Before Installation:


    1. Ensure the firearm is unloaded
    2. Remove the magazine and bolt
    3. Remove current buttstock (if installed)



  • Installation to Chassis of Fixed Adapter


    1. Align the chassis side of the Folding Stock Adapter with the fixed interface on your chassis. 
    1. Using a 7/32 Allen wrench screw into chassis until the interface is snug on the chassis, and then 1/8th turn more.
      1. Remove the wrench. You are now ready to install the stock of your choice.


  • Installation to Chassis of Carbine Adapter


    1. Hand tightens the assembly together as shown.
    1. Thread the Folding Stock Adapter into the back of the chassis. Continue threading until it’s unable to do so further. The adapter will not be aligned at this stage.
    1. Unlatch the adapter and open it. Insert the 7/32” Allen wrench into the exposed bolt and turn counter-clockwise approximately one-quarter turn.
    1. Rotate adapter to its intended position. Using a 1/16” Allen Key turn set screw under stock mount clockwise until snug, then 1/8th turn more (Do Not Over Tighten!). Turn the wrench clockwise until the interface is snug on the chassis, and then 1/8th turn more. The adapter should now be properly aligned and secure.


    1. Remove the wrench.  You are now ready to install the stock of your choice.


  Proper Use


To release the MDT Folding Stock Adapter when in locked position depress latch button (1) and fold the buttstock about the adapter. 

Once completely folded the lock button (2) will extend to lock in position. To release from the folded position, depress the lock (3) button and unfold.


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