ESS ARCA-Swiss foregrip installation manual


V1.0 May 2018



Thank you so much for choosing the ESS Foregrip Arca Swiss Attachment. The Mil-spec Type III hard-black anodized aluminum Arca Swiss Adapters that attach directly over the foregrip of your ESS Chassis to allow rapid and seamless mounting on a tripod.


  • Compatible with the MDT ESS.
  • 4” of available mounting surface to fit a wide array of tripod adapters and accessories.
  • 24 drilled and tapped holes to allow proper indexing of accessories for increased consistency.
  • Solid cylindrical bosses to withstand repeated recoil.
  • Angled front surface to ease tripod engagement and reduce snagging.
  • Rounded edges to decrease shooter discomfort when shooting standing or unsupported.
  • 6061-T6 aluminum construction.
  • Mil-spec Type III hard anodized finish to stand up to repeated usage.
  • Compatible with RRS dovetail standard.



  1. Ensure firearm is unloaded
  2. Remove the magazine and bolt
  3. Using a 5/32” Allen wrench remove the three forend screws from the underside of the foregrip. Be sure to hold the forend in place as it will become loose once screws are removed.



  1. While holding your forend in place, slide MDT ESS Foregrip Arca-Swiss Attachment into forend screw holes. 


  1. Ensure the forend is pulled back tight against the chassis and the flat 45 faces sit on the chassis cleanly
  1. Using the 5/32” wrench, secure the Arca Swiss Attachment to the forend with the three forend screws. Torque each screw to 30 in-lbs



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