Black Friday FAQ's

On Black Friday, everything on our website will be on sale at varying discounts.  We list all our factory seconds for sale, as well as a number of overstock items. In addition, we offer a general discount on all items. 

Unfortunately, we do not publish a listing of all items that will be available as factory seconds or clearance until the MDT Legendary Black Friday sale begins. 


What will be on sale?

Everything will be on sale.  At a minimum, site-wide there will be 10% off.  Overstock items and Blemished (or Factory Seconds) will have a higher discount percentage to be determined and released on the day of the sale.


When does the Black Friday Sale start?

The sale starts at 3 pm Pacific Time on Thursday the day before Black Friday and ends at midnight on the Monday after Black Friday. 


Why are items not available when I go to pay?

The website will allow you to add items to your cart but if it is a limited stock item like blemished or overstock items, they are on a first-come, first paid for system.  We recommend checking out multiple times if you are looking to buy more than one limited inventory item. 


How long does it take to ship my Black Friday order?

Your order will ship within 1-2 weeks if it is not a back-ordered item. As soon as your order is picked and the shipping label is created, you will receive an email with your tracking number which will provide the most up to date information regarding your shipment. 


What is a Blemished or Factory Second item?

A blemished or factory second item is a fully functional MDT product with some aesthetic issues like a paint chip, scratch, extra machine lines, or a bad edge. Also, these can include functional returns from customers or rifles that were used for demonstration/marketing purposes. 


Can I see what the Blemish is?

Unfortunately not, if you purchase a Factory Second / Blemished unit, it will be fully functional but it may not look perfect.  We will still offer our MDT full warranty on the function of all our Black Friday sale items.

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