What scope ring height do I need?

There are a variety of factors that affect scope ring height, such as rail height, objective lens size, and whether or not you are using it on a flat top setup. Here is an approximate guide for our Elite and Premier rings. 

Open top setups using our Pictanny scope bases ( HNT26, LSS, LSS-XL, HS3, ESS no-rail and partial rail forends, ACC, and standard rifle stocks.)

Low (0.820) Up to 44 MM objective

Medium (1.00) Up to 50 MM objective

High (1.25) Up to 56 MM objective

Extra High (1.5) Generally not used in open top applications.  


Fully enclosed/Flat top sets up (ESS with full rail forend and high scope base, TAC 21, and AR patterned firearms) 

Low (0.820) Generally not used in closed top application.

Medium (1.00) Up to 44 MM objective

High (1.25) Up to 50 MM objective

Extra High (1.5) Up to 56 MM objective

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