Which folding stock adapter do I need?

Attaching a folding stock adapter will depend on the chassis systems interface and buttstock. Depending on the inlet, we design our chassis systems that have Fixed or Carbine interfaces. 

Visual difference between Carbine and Fixed Buttstock Interfaces

For Fixed interfaces, you will use "Fixed to Fixed" or "Fixed to Carbine."

For Carbine interfaces, you will use "Carbine to Carbine" or "Carbine to Fixed." 

carbine_to_carbine.jpg Carbine to Carbine interface 
fixed_to_carbine.jpg Fixed to Carbine Interface
fixed_to_fixed.jpg Fixed to Fixed Interface
carbine_to_fixed.jpg Carbine to Fixed Interface
ESS_folding_stock_1.jpg ESS/ACC 2 way Folding Stock Interface (XTN)
folding_stock_2.jpg ESS/ACC Folding Stock Interface (XTN)

The ACC and ESS use a proprietary XTN interface. Both pages have a custom configurator and can be ordered with the SRS-XF buttstock. Please note if you buy the ACC or ESS with a non-folding buttstock an adapter can not be added, it is a whole new buttstock that would be required.


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