Does your chassis work with my Savage model 12 or 112 Target actions?

Our chassis systems will not fit any of the Savage single shot target actions. This is due to the 3rd action screw which we do not support and the screw spacing is different enough to prevent proper fitting. 


Savage 112 Magnum target

Savage 12 LRPV

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  • Savage 12 short target actions come in two screw spacings. The older left port right bolt model has the 4.4 inch 3 screw spacing . The dual port edition has the 3.4 inch spacing . I have installed the older action in an XRS chassis . I had an aluminum block machined for the mag well . On any caliber 308 and down , that third screw is much ado about nothing. Those left port right bolt target actions are stiffer than any remington 700 aftermarket action. 

  • Nothing saddens me more that I can't lay a beautiful savage 12 Target action in a mdt acc chassis stock.

  • We wish we had better news for you! 


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