Ultimatum Deadline - Needed Modifications for Peak Performance in an MDT Chassis

The Ultimatum Deadline is based off a Remington 700 footprint and currently will fit into our ESS, LSS-XL Gen 2, HS3, LSS, and ACC chassis system.  We now have a dedicated inlet for the Deadline SA in our ACC Chassis that is a direct bolt in with no modifications needed.

Please note that due to the 3-lug/full body bolt design of the Deadline some slight modifications will be required to work in a standard 700 inlet. Although we do not sell a specific "kit" to accommodate the Ultimatum Deadline for the standard 700 inlets, if we know ahead of time you are purchasing the MDT Chassis for an Ultimatum Deadline we can provide the shorter -2.5mm magazine latch in order to accommodate the lower magazine position required by the large diameter bolt. You will need to trim the rear action screw slightly to clear the sear, along with possibly extending the bolt cutout slightly to compensate for the 60 degrees bolt throw. 

Alternatively, a seasoned hobbyist or gunsmith could take the latch down -2.5 mm and shorten the rear action screw in order to provide the needed fit for the bolts sear to travel. A 1/4 diameter washer for the rear action screw can also work but is not as effective.

PLEASE NOTE! Our action screw torque spec changes to 60-inch pounds on the front screw and 45-inch pounds on the rear, or 45-inch pounds for both screws. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions but emailing the Customer Support team using the link below. 


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