What are Factory Seconds in the Clearance Section?

From time to time we have one or more chassis that come out of our machines that fail quality inspection. This may be due to a worn out tool or a material issue.

In addition, after our chassis are painted, there may be some paint blemishes.

Rather than re-working these chassis, or scrapping them, we sell them at a discount on Black Friday. 

In some cases they may be chassis for our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers. For example, our TAC21 for Remington - Remington Edition is identical to our standard TAC21 chassis, but it has the Remington logo engraved.

Note that all sales on our clearance items are final.

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    nicandro giannini

    i will like to leave a positive review.. i guess I have ti leave it here.... got my tac 21 factory second for Remington 700 LA ( mod long range bull barrel in 300 win mag) installation was super easy.. I enjoying doing it!! 2 days later reviewing the installation video on YouTube.. i realized that my latch catch for the butt stock was not engaging the ball spring correctly (lever was perfectly horizontal with chassis.. spring ball. to low) got i file.. and did the job..the machining on chase was not enough deep in the back. half flat pin could not rotate enough!! time me 5 min.. my tax 21 is ready.. and I love it.. !!! don't be scared guy buying factory second.. the guys at mtd produce high quality product.. just sometimes take your time think than act good( don't overdue!!! is aluminum.. if u take out too much material.. u scrap it!!!! thanks mdt.. Niko...... montreal

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