Can I use AR-10 or AR-15 magazines with your chassis?

A chassis (or bottom metal) does not determine whether you can use AR Magazines with a bolt action rifle. AR Magazines do not sit high enough against the bottom of bolt actions to make it feed properly.

There are only a few Bolt Action rifle platforms that allow the use of AR magazines, and that is the Mossberg MVP and a specific model of the Ruger American.

So our chassis for the Mossberg MVP is made to use AR magazines exclusively. For the Ruger American, you need the specific Ruger American compatible rifle and choose our chassis compatible with the AR magazines.

All our other chassis use standard external box magazines

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  • Actually the Ruger Precision Rifle bolt action allows for the use of any ar magazine and AICS magazine. The Tac21 really needs to come up with a way to use ar magazines as well.

  • None of the actions we manufacture the TAC21 for, allows use of AR magazines.

  • Are there any other mags out there that will work with the LSS 308 length chassis? I was disappointed to find that had to load to a shorter overall length to fit my CTR's magazine. I want a mag that allows a longer COAL.

  • Use metal magazines to get longer COAL. We have this available now.

  • Just to argue I have built a Remington 700 223 running slightly modified ptg at 15 bottom metal pmags and a mini m16 extractor. Now in the process of designing a near drop-in control round feed bolt for the 700. (Will require a side bolt release to work)

  • "you need the specific Ruger American compatible rifle, and choose our chassis compatible with the AR magazines."


    I have the Ruger American that takes AR mags.  Which of your chassis can I use?

  • Hello Jason, you will need the LSS-XL Gen2 for the Ruger American SA AR, you can find more info on that chassis here -



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