Will my Savage rifle work with an MDT Chassis?

Savage has many different models. Unfortunately, there are many different Savage models, and over the years there have been minor changes that sometimes affect fit and function. We do however 100% guarantee our chassis to work in the following.

All MDT Savage Short Action Chassis will work with:
Model 10, 11, 12 and 16 with the exception of model 12-Palma, 12-Fclass, 12-benchrest. Additionally, new Model 110's in short action chamberings. 

All MDT Savage Long Action Chassis:
Model (new models) 110, 111, 112, and 116. Additionally, we support stagger feed model 110 in long action rounds, however, a modification will need to be made to the receiver. 


We also support Savage models with the bottom bolt release. The bolt release is accessible through the side of the trigger guard.

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    Matthew Gallmann

    I have a Savage 110 Tactical .308, which .308 is Short Action. The only MDT Chassis that is for the 110 is Long Action. I'm wondering which one to eventually get?

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    Anthony Bujak

    It depends on what year your rifle was made. If it's brand new, it will be a short action and fit any of our short action chassis systems. 

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    Daniel farmer

    Will the Tac21 chassis work specifically with the Savage 12FV model?

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    Ryan Holmquist

    Yes, the 12FV will drop into the Savage SA option without an issue.

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