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V1.0 August 2021



The MDT GRND-Pod (pronounced "Ground-Pod") was developed for the shooter wanting a stable and secure platform to shoot off of without breaking the bank. The MDT GRND-Pod is designed to adapt to the picatinny and RRS Dovetail/ARCA mounting interfaces and offers shooters a one hand adjustable height range from 4.5" - 9", with 4-locking positions in the 0°, 50°, 90° and 180° positions. The MDT GRND-Pod legs are also Atlas/Ckye-Pod foot compatible and can be fully extended just by pulling down on the legs in any position!


  • Height adjustable from 4.5" (50° forward position) to 9.0" (90° down position)
  • Compatible with Picatinny or RRS Dovetail/ARCA  rail systems
  • Center body made of quality 6061-T6 aluminum with Mil-spec Type III hard anodizing
  • Adjustable leg positioning at 45 degree increments from 0 through 180 degrees
  • Lightweight carbon fibre legs with adjustable length
  • 15-17 oz weight range
  • 7.9” - 10.9” width of footprint



  1. Before Installation:

    1. Ensure the firearm is unloaded
    2. Remove the magazine and bolt
  2. Installation to Chassis/Stock of MDT GRND-POD

    1. Depending on what rail system you use the GRND-POD attaches in two different ways:


  1. To install with a picatinny rail; remove the two screws and side clamp. Align the rail in the desired location and reinsert screws with side clamp. Tighten using a 9/64” allen key  to +/- 30 in-lbs
  1. To install with an RRS head loosen the thumb screw on the side of the bipod pan, align with the desired location and tighten the thumb screw until snug.


  1. To adjust the cant of your GRND-POD loosen the handle on the main body and position your GRND-POD as desired, then tighten the tension until snug for a more stable shot.
  2. Note: Tooless tension lever can be repositioned by; pulling back on the handle (towards the shooter), rotating to the desired position, and released (away from the shooter) to reset.
  1. To adjust the GRND-POD leg angle, depress the button on the side of the leg and rotate to the desired location. The GRND-POD has four available angles, 0, 50, 90 and 180 degrees


  1. To INCREASE the length,  pull on the leg until the desired length is reached. To  DECREASE  the length of the legs depress the lever on the side of the leg and slide the leg up to the desired position.


  1. Installation of different heads to MDT GRND-POD

    1. To swap the head of the GRND-POD for your rail system or to reverse it for different leg orientation, unscrew the hex head in the base of the tension lever,  slide out the bolt.

Place the new head on your GRND-POD body and assure that the washer stack up is as follows:

  1. Bolt
  2. Front leg of head
  3. Steel washer
  4. Brass washer
  5. GRND-POD Body
  6. Brass washer
  7. Rear leg of head
  8. Brass washer
  9. Tension lever


  1. Retighten the hex head in the center of the tension lever.
  1. To have the legs in a “quick deploy” configuration, assemble the centre body with only the 0 degree and 90 degree down options as forward options. This allows for one button press and sliding of the legs to have the bipod fully deployed.
  1. To have the option for the legs to adjust to the 0 degree, 50 degree and 90 degree down positions, assemble the centre body with the other side only as forward options. This allows for the shooter to articulate the legs into more positions, but requires more button presses.


  1. Installation of different feet for MDT GRND-POD


  1. If you wish to install the feet from an MDT CKYE-POD onto your MDT GRND-POD then first press or lightly hammer out the pin holding your GRND-POD feet in place.
  1. Remove the foot and pin and place them off the side. Retrieve your CKYE-POD feet and depress the pin on the side of the foot.
  1. Slide the foot up into the GRND-POD leg until the pin pops out into the hole.


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